First, a bit about me

My name is Matt Silverman, and I am currently in high school. For my clients, I create perfect websites that complement their businesses and ideas. My passion is turning your idea into a reality. I engineer stunning websites and web apps that are functional, and and are exactly up to Material Design specs. Whether you are looking for a simple one-paged portfolio site, or a complex site for a business, I got you covered.

What makes a good website?

Mobile first

In the modern day, everyone uses a mobile device. Shouldn't your website be able to reach them too? A good website requires that mobile users should have the same experience as those on a desktop regardless of screen size without page cutoffs, sidescrolling, or, often looked past, loading time.


Modern design

No more junky 90's sites. We live in the 21st century. Everyone knows that having a website is a must, but as well, it is important to have the site look good. Your website is a reflection of yourself, and your business, so even if it isn't with me, never settle for less than an amazing website.


In a website, functionality, and interactivity are key. One of the defining points of a good website are not just how good the design looks, but as well, how the design interacts with the user. A website should tell a story, and interactivity adds a whole chapter to that book.

Want more info?

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